I can never remember where it was I first heard or read this but...

“The radio was made for music; now, music is made for the radio.”

I was just thinking about how interchangeable music is with photography and radio with the internet or, more specifically, anti-social media and garbage apps like Facebook-owned Instagram. I get that the internet wasn't made for photos but stay with me.

Flickr – before it went to hell on the Political Correctness Express – was a truly unique platform for film photography. Up until about the early 2010s, the website was swarming with brilliant work from relative unknowns. Their pictures made you feel, think about or long for something; they had substance which made them worthy of admiration and even archiving.

Nowadays, self-proclaimed “visual artists” have feeds as sterile, safe and soulless as all the rest.

I'm starting to understand why people who start stories with “back in the day” are usually recalling better times.