It's so discouraging to look on as entire industries continue to be decimated by woke ideology. Relevant to me, photography appears to be going the way of fashion. It seems as though the majority of photographers won't be getting anywhere fast with their aspirations unless and until they adopt and embrace the backwards dogmas actively being pushed in the modern West. Unsurprisingly, the situation is most dire in the United States and EU-controlled Europe where those who've made any kind of name for themselves are activists useful idiots first and artists second.

Honestly, though, if society is dictating how you work, who you work with, when you're allowed to work, is your job any better than a typical 9-5? You are anything but your own boss in such a scenario. You have forfeited control over what is becoming (or has already become) your unoriginal, politically-correct art. This makes you unspeakably spineless. There is nothing commendable about someone who walks on eggshells to make a living. At the risk of being cliché, I'd rather be broke. Dignity is priceless.